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Providing you with specialist related water services, throughout the United Kingdom

What some of our clients say about us...

John Gilmore (Compliance Lead at Anchor Hanover Group)
"It’s a pleasure to work with IWS. Their staff are professional and focused on delivery as well as being approachable and flexible. The online portal is excellent, user friendly and provides copious of amounts of information which is a vital resource for delivering a sustainable service to our customers."
Mike Proudfoot (Compliance Manager at Muir Group)
"IWS are a ‘can do’ contractor who have guided us through the minefield that is Water Hygiene. The IWS staff and infrastructure all work together and combine to ensure we do the right things at the right time."
Environment Agency (South East Regional team)
“After working two long days in abysmal weather, their attitude remained positive, their diligence exceptional and their competence without question.”
Gillian Cronan (Asset and Risk Manager at Link4Life)
“Local branch is very responsive with regular knowledgeable engineers who take ownership of the buildings they service.”
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Specialist Water Related Services

Integrated Water Services Ltd (IWS) provides a wide range of specialist water related services throughout the UK on a 24/7 basis.

The business is based upon high levels of customer service, technical excellence and a very proactive health & safety culture. The aim of the business is to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by continuously improving everything we do and we closely monitor our performance through internal and client measures. IWS is the business that can be relied upon to deliver high quality, value for money solutions to your water related challenges every minute of every day.