COVID-19 Update (March 2020)

COVID-19 Update, 30th March 2020

Dear Customer,

Since our last communication on the actions IWS Water Hygiene were taking to deal with the threat posed by Coronavirus, the situation continues to move rapidly. We would like to take the opportunity to provide you with an update on the actions we are taking to respond to the coronavirus outbreak.

Our primary objectives still remain to protect our staff from the risk of infection and to maintain, so far as possible, a continuity of service.

We continue to provide our staff with regular information regarding the actions to take to avoid infection such as handwashing etc. We have reduced all offices to a very small skeleton staff operating social distancing rules and stopped non-essential footfall, whilst maintaining or enhancing the cleaning regimes in those offices. We have identified and made provision for the protection of all vulnerable persons within our organisation.

All face to face meetings have been stopped and we are using tools for online meetings such as Microsoft Teams and conference call facilities. All our internal teams are working from home and have at least daily contact from their line management to ensure we maintain an inclusive environment in such a different working pattern.

Our field staff completing essential works on our customer sites are instructed to take extra care and identify any increased risk of exposure to Covid-19 as part of our pre-work risk assessments as well as specifically asking for information when attending site and reiterating the need for social distancing.

To date our prevention strategy continues to be effective and whilst we have an increased level of staff absence due to self-isolation and the need to care for dependents due to school closures, we also have people returning to the business as well as managing redeployment from the non-essential areas of our business, enabling us to continue to provide an essential works compliance service delivery.

We have daily senior management team reviews to allow us to quickly identify any issues within our operational capability and adjust our planning. We continue to develop and amend plans for business continuity in line with our group arrangements.

As the situation continues to develop rapidly, we are keeping our plans under constant review and will continue to work with our customers. To that end we would draw your attention to a statement from one of our key customers to support our strategies to continue to deliver as comprehensive a service as circumstances will allow.

Please do not hesitate to contact your normal IWS contact or email should you have any queries or need assistance.

Thank you for your continued support.

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You can download a copy of this letter, along with more information about how we and our key customers are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic by clicking here

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