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Legionella Control in Healthcare

It’s a fact that Healthcare, Care Homes and Hospitals carry the highest risk for Legionella control issues and outbreaks due to the nature of the people within these types of properties, mainly the old and the infirm. The over 50s and the infirm account for over 80% of all cases of Legionnaires disease, a potentially fatal form of pneumonia, recorded in the UK.

IWS Water Hygiene provide water hygiene and treatment services to numerous care homes and hospitals across the United Kingdom. We understand the pressure that institutions are under to provide good quality care to patients

legionella risk in nursing homes and hospitals

How we can help the healthcare sector:

Integrated Water Services provide legionella control services, water hygiene and treatment to a wide variety of healthcare institutions in the United Kingdom, ensuring your compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, HSE Guidance ACOP L8 HSG274, SFG20 and HTM4-01.

Legionella risk assessment for care homes & hospitals

It is important that healthcare buildings be subject to regular risk assessments to identify the level of risk, potential hazards and a suitable maintenance and monitoring regime to ensure continued compliance.  IWS Water Hygiene are UKAS accredited for carrying out risk assessments in accordance with ISO17020 and provide guidance and compliance to our healthcare clients through this difficult process.

Water Monitoring

Regular temperature monitoring of the water is crucial in maintaining a safe water system and managing Legionella bacteria. IWS Water Hygiene provide tailor-made service solutions to meet all size of healthcare organisations and properties requirements.

Water Treatment

Regular maintenance of any water treatment equipment and processes, such as Chlorine Dioxide dosing systems, Water Softener equipment, Chemical supply or Spa baths, is crucial in maintaining a safe water system and managing Legionella bacteria.  IWS Water Hygiene provide tailor made service solutions to meet all size of organisations and properties requirements.

Cooling towers

Regular chemical and bacteriological monitoring of the Cooling water is crucial in maintaining a safe water system, managing Legionella bacteria and preventing corrosion of the systems.  IWS Water Hygiene provide tailor-made service solutions to meet all size of towers, systems and properties requirements.

reducing legionella risk in healthcare

Water Sampling

Regular sampling and testing of the water within high-risk properties provides assurances that the monitoring and maintenance works that are in place are correct and are making the environment safe for the people that use it.  Testing on a regular basis for Legionella Bacteria, Pseudomonas and other harmful organisms gives assurances to the managers of the buildings that they and their systems are safe.


Health and Safety at Work Act – Care Homes should consider the level of exposure of residents and patients in their care.

We understand that not all institutions are the same, therefore you can get in touch with us for a complimentary consultation, where we can discuss your needs and requirements


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