Cookley Pumping Station

General Refurbishment


Cookley Pumping Station

The existing pumping station contained 2 off 450kW pump-sets, there was a requirement to increase the volume of pumping from 12 Ml/d to 15 Ml/d average and a peak of 18 Ml/d and provide an automatic standby diesel generator within the existing pumping station, without increasing the cost per Ml of the water.

Project Scope

The overall scheme comprised:

The complete replacement of 3 off boreholes

  • Installation of a new 1MVA transformer within a new compound
  • Removal of existing transformers and bases and casting of new concrete foundations to accommodate two new diesel bulk storage tanks
  • Removal of one booster and creation of new foundation for a new 1MVA standby generator, including new air inlet and outlet
  • 2 off Motor Control Centres comprising 2 off 500kW and 3 off 37kW inverter drives
  • Removal of second booster pump alterations to foundations and pipe trenches to facilitate the installation of 2 off booster pumps, each pump capable of delivering 18 Ml/d @ 210m
  • Installation of pumps and associated pipework including automated pump to waste and new MCerts approved final discharge chamber and associated instrumentation

Benefits Delivered

The final solution achieved the peak outputs and at a reduced cost per Megalitre of water, the diesel generator is also set up for short term synchronisation to enable soft transfer from mains to generator and back, this set is now part of the grid call arrangement that SSW have with the power provider.

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