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The existing scum removal system at St Neots WWTW incorporated the beach type scum box and was in a very poor condition. The scum build-up laying on the top water level was seriously affecting the quality of the effluent and causing failures further along the process. The build of fat in the tank was blocking the existing system rendering the unit useless unless cleaned out on a daily basis.

Cleaning the unit came with its own set of challenges with access to the unit being via galvanised steel handrails with locked access gates, safety barriers and in some cases scaffold was required to carry out the cleaning task in a safe manner.

Project Scope

Integrated water services removed the beach scum boxes from the 4 primary tanks and installed self-flushing scum removal systems.

The quality of the effluent improved dramatically even just in the first few hours of use.

Within the first 24 hour period, the top water level had cleared. The new self-flushing units are constructed from stainless and galvanised steel.

Integrated Water Services worked closely with IGUS on this project fitted the unit with Iglidur H bearings specifically designed for maintenance-free underwater applications.

Benefits Delivered

With periodic cleaning using only a hose pipe from the safety of behind the safety rails, this system offers the perfect solution for this widespread problem.

The unit can be designed to fit new scraper bridge systems or retro fit onto existing Scraper Bridge for primary and final tank installations.

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