Water System Monitoring


IWS can help you to ensure your water systems are safe, clean and fully compliant with all legislation.

We offer a water system monitoring service designed for clients operating single sites and multi-site or complex building stock. The IWS Water Hygiene Service package can include full L8 compliance monitoring or just the areas not covered by your internal resource. Service packages can include:


water system monitor

Full L8 Compliance Monitoring Service 

Showerhead cleaning and descaling

Shower heads provide favourable conditions for legionella bacteria to grow. Keeping them clean and scale-free is a vital part of your legionella control programme.

Learn more about Showerhead cleaning and descaling

Legionella and microbiological analysis

The HSE advises that the risk from exposure to legionella should be prevented or controlled and that the precautions taken should be monitored to ensure that they remain effective

Learn more about Legionella and microbiological analysis

Water features and fountains

IWS provides comprehensive maintenance services for the operation of water features and fountains including all water hygiene requirements.

Learn more about Water features and fountains

Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) Installation, Testing and Service. We offer Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) fail-safe testing, calibration and servicing of different types and brands of valves by fully trained IWS operatives working from regional service centres across the country.

Learn more about Thermostatic Mixing Valve servicing


We provide this service for a variety of clients and markets across the United Kingdom.

Legionella Management

Provide Legionella risk assessment, L8 Inspection and monitoring programmes and clean and disinfection of water

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