Ground Source Heat Pump Installations

Lowering the carbon and energy consumption of essential infrastructure

What is a Ground Source Heat Pump?

A ground source heat pump is a low carbon heating system that utilises the solar energy stored in the ground. This energy is at low temperature which is elevated in the GSHP refrigeration circuit to a usable temperature. This can then supply heat to a building or process as well as hot water. GSHPs can also provide cooling by rejecting heat back into the ground.

Ground source heat pumps can provide temperatures up to 65°C. As well as heating buildings of all sizes and ages, they can also deliver active or passive cooling. Ground source heat pumps can produce:

  • Hot water
  • Heating
  • Cooling

How do they work?

Ground source heat pumps work by absorbing energy from the ground and compressing the low-grade energy into high-grade heat. They then deliver the heat through a heating distribution system, such as radiators or underfloor heating, for reliable heating and domestic hot water through the seasons.

Ground source heat pumps can produce:

What are the benefits?

With the drive to reduce carbon emissions and to become carbon neutral or net zero by 2050 the need for a well-designed ground source heat pump system is paramount and benefits from:

Maximum efficiency from little input

Providing 400 kW of heat energy for every 100 kW of electrical energy used, a geothermal ground source heat pump system is shown to be over four times more efficient than conventional fossil fuel heating and cooling methods.

Maximum efficiency from little input

G Stow​

Providing the borehole drilling


Providing the interconnecting pipework

Integrated Water Services (Mechanical & Electrical)

Providing the full Mechanical and Electrical design and installation of pumps, plant rooms, control systems and pipework

Check out a recent project delivered by our group specialists at Eden.

Why Integrated Water Services?

Integrated Water Services Ltd (IWS) M&E division is a member of South Staffordshire Plc & part of the SSI Services group of companies. We are providers of specialist MEICA Process (Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Process engineering) services such as delivery of water/wastewater assets and are a valued service provider to national utilities, environmental companies, and infrastructure owners across the UK.

IWS was formed in 2004 and provides a range of engineering based services dealing with all aspects of the water cycle. The business has grown organically and through strategic acquisition.

Integrated Water Services firmly believes that the services it provides, which are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client, are professional, cost effective and reliable.

Consultation and design

IWS M&E can provide Ground Source Heat Pump consultation and design ensuring the best system is selected for the application. Our experience and expertise allows us to provide a truly end-to-end consultancy service, covering much more than just design. Our collaborative approach means that our clients benefit from ongoing consultation and advice on everything required for your project, from technical design elements, utilizing our 3D CAD to BIM accredited standards delivered via our secure common data environment platform, to identifying further potential energy, cost and carbon savings utilizing our diagnostic testing and reporting specialist knowledge and skills.

IWS’s comprehensive design service incorporates specialist Construction Design Management (CDM) and total compliance with all industry standard requirements relating to health and safety and environmental best practice. IWS can provide comprehensive design of all aspects of the GSHP installation utilizing our access to the excellent services of the South Staffs team of Hydrologists where applicable.


From initial consultation through to onsite co-ordination, our Project Managers have decades of experience in the safe and efficient delivery of successful engineering and construction projects. We are committed to continued improvement in project design, execution and completion, combining this expertise with innovative technological applications such as the latest project management software.

Our dedicated Mechanical and Electrical installation teams provide on-site installations and maintenance services on a wide range of MEICA Process installations, including environmental and water quality monitoring, pumping and control systems. Our teams are fully conversant with all aspects of the Heat Pump plant room, and specialist equipment, and can provide a comprehensive installation service to the highest standards.

All our teams are NICEIC accredited, giving you peace of mind.

Our services

Our purpose is to improve people’s lives through building the facilities and infrastructure that communities need. We recognise the urgency of climate change and champion the role we have to play in decarbonization We aim to protect the planet and minimize the impact of our operations on the environment, striving to leave the natural environment in an improved condition.

We are committed to effectively managing environmental performance to minimise the impact of our processes on the natural environment and the community.

Delivering excellence is key to our long-term sustainability, so we work in partnership to deliver quality assured, sustainable infrastructure, using digital technologies and data to drive improved productivity, efficiency and quality. Our Business Management System facilitates this by placing our clients and future users of the projects we build at the heart of what we do.