Primary School Tank Replacement Project

Primary School Tank Replacement Project

Contract Start Date: 11/07/2019
Contract Duration: 1 Year


IWS were contacted by a Local Authority to visit a Primary School site and inspect four Cold Water Storage Tanks housed in Plant Rooms on the roof of the Primary School. The storage tanks were constructed from Galvanised steel and in a state of serious disrepair, exhibiting heavy corrosion and a considerable build-up of biofilm deposits, certainly not in line with current L8 and HSG 274 Legionella Control guidelines.

Project Scope

IWS submitted their report to the Local Authority who then tasked IWS Water Hygiene with undertaking a project to remove the existing tanks and replace them with new WRAS approved Cold Water Storage Tanks.

Consideration had to be given to the location of each of the tanks, being on the roof, edge protection measures had to be installed prior to works, including fixed ladders and edge rails.  These would aid future inspections and maintenance of the new tanks.  The work also had to be completed in a short timeframe so that the school was not out of normal use, therefore the works where carried out during a short public holiday period to avoid any disruption to lessons.

Each of the old tanks were then carefully taken apart into manageable sections and removed from site. The area was then cleared and made ready for the installation of the new GRP tanks.  IWS specialist engineers then constructed each of the new tanks in line with current regulations and bylaws, cleaning and disinfecting the internal surfacing and downstream pipework prior to commissioning and putting the water systems back into use.

The Local Authority and the Primary School were delighted with both the new installations and indeed the professional manner in which IWS Water Hygiene had planned for and overcame the logistical challenges associated with the project and executed the works in a pressing timeframe.

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