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IWS Water Hygiene is a leading supplier of water treatment, water hygiene and water facilities maintenance and services to many UK Clients and Sectors


chemical cleaning hot water heating


IWS can provide pre-commission, cleaning or remedial cleaning & flushing (in more established systems), to ensure our client’s closed systems run efficiently.



Cooling tower










Cooling and Condenser towers often represent the most significant Legionella risk associated with building services systems



Cold water tank








Cold Water Storage Tanks are often the very last items of plant considered for inclusion in planned maintenance programmes. Consequently, the first indication of any problems often reveals that corrosion and structural failure necessitate total replacement of Cold Water Storage Tanks



online water hygiene monitoring

IWS believes the development and implementation of this system significantly enhances the level of service provided and supports the client in achieving maintenance and regulatory compliance.


online water hygiene monitoring









Utilising a nationwide network of UKAS accredited laboratories, IWS offer a full range of Water Sampling and Testing for microbiological and Legionella monitoring



air bacteria








IWS use specialist sampling and monitoring equipment, and our expertise to determine the quality of your air and advise as required.



kitchen extractor









Most insurance companies require that ventilation cleaning has been carried out to a sufficient standard before any pay-out following a fire.



risk assessment for buildings

A full and comprehensive Legionella Risk Assessment is the foundation to a properly managed Water Hygiene Control Regime



monitor legionella remotely


Integrated Water Services’ remote monitoring solution offers a real-time, global overview of the water system. Complimenting a traditional approach to manual monitoring, Legionella control temperatures, system schematics and scheme of control are readily available through an online portal giving full visibility and instant alerts to out of specification measurements.


tmv servicing









IWS water hygiene operatives are trained in the fail safe testing and servicing of all makes of TMVs. The TMVs can be fail-safe tested and serviced and calibrated at agreed frequencies dependant on the valve manufacturers recommendation and the hardness of the water (scale formation is a primary consideration when deciding on service frequency).



Air conditioning









Sick Building Syndrome is the name given to a range of health issues which can affect workers in indoor environments. Symptoms of this can be employees complaining of fatigue, headaches or irritation as a consequence of a poorly ventilated building and poorly maintained ventilation systems.



water features








We provide additional services relating to the refurbishment and upgrading of existing systems, improvements to meet current HSE legislation, water hygiene audits, Legionella control and the provision for the maintenance of all types of installations.



water hygiene training session








With national coverage from regionally based service centres across the country, IWS are a Legionella Control Association (LCA) registered services provider.
We offer professional consultancy and technical service support for the health and safety, hygiene and environmental management of water systems.



water hygiene maintenance




The IWS Water Hygiene Service package can include full L8 HSG274 compliance monitoring or just the areas not covered by your internal resource.



remedial works









IWS Water Hygiene engineers all carry the national water hygiene card for working on drinking water systems, are fully trained in the current water regulations and the installation and maintenance of unvented water systems.

All materials used are from the WRC approved list, our engineers also carry a fully stocked van and a complete range of fittings and replacement items are held at our stores across the country to ensure a quick solution to your problem.



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Public Health England

Here you can find reports and analysis of pneumonic cases of Legionnaires’ disease in England and Wales, as part of the national surveillance scheme.

Legionella Reports

Legionella: Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities

Find out how we are helping many educational institutions in the UK keep compliant with legislation and most importantly reducing risk to their people including staff and students.

Legionella in Schools

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