IWS Water Hygiene make sure your water systems are safe; clean from microbiological contamination and Legionella Bacteria. We provide complete peace of mind for you and your business through high quality water hygiene services.

IWS Water Hygiene tailors its services to meet individual client and site requirements, we can offer you the full service package to give you full L8 compliance monitoring or just the areas not covered by your own employees and everything in between. Our water hygiene services include:

Full L8 Compliant Water Hygiene Service Packages

  • Temperature control and maintenance programmes with routing temperature testing of water system assets in accordance with L8 HSG 274 guidelines
  • Alternative Water treatment programmes with routine monitoring of biocide levels and microbiological parameters
  • Sampling and Analytical Services utilising a third party UKAS accredited laboratory to ensure impartiality in result interpretation. All of our engineers are trained and competent in current sampling procedures, ensuring that your samples are delivered to the testing laboratories on time and compliant
  • Supply of our own brand chemical products including oxidising and non-oxidising biocides in liquid and solid form, closed system treatments and shower cleaning solutions
  • Cleaning and disinfection of water systems and water storage tanks

All of our services and maintenance programmes are designed and delivered so as to evidence the microbiological and chemical status of the water quality within your systems and ensure compliance with current legislative and regulatory requirements.