Energy Efficiency

Hillington Greensands


AW energy team and IWS operate a proactive performance test program to identify candidates for Water Pumping Efficiency savings schemes.

Refurbishing the 35% inefficient pump sets would have restored their efficiency back to 57% replacing the units restored the operating efficiency back to 75%.

Project Scope

Project Statistics

Time to deliver 10 Weeks

Cost to deliver £23K

Savings per annum £5.46k

64,974 kWh

34.89tonnes CO2

Energy payback period 4.08 years

An Engineering Guide

  • When to replace and when to refurbish
  • Ensure the pumpset is fit for purpose
  • Design for today with an infrastructure for the future demand
  • 90% of the life cycle cost is Opex expenditure, therefore, maximise operating efficiency

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