National Housing Association, Fast Track Risk Assessment

Legionella Risk Assessment

Contract Start Date: 30/06/2019
Contract Duration: Fast Track


In late June, IWS Water Hygiene received an urgent enquiry from a National Social Housing Provider to complete a risk assessment at a new building they had acquired. The building was due to open in less than 5 days’ time and their current provider could not complete the work in time.

Project Scope

In stepped IWS and booked in the Risk Assessment for the following day after a major reshuffle of our workload. We attended the site but unfortunately their building contractors had not finished their work on the site and so it was not possible to complete the RA.

48 hours later we received notification from the client that all of the works had now been completed and the water systems were fully commissioned.  We had only 3 days left till the opening of the new home.

The risk assessment team, together with the planning and scheduling team managed to move a number of jobs around so that the risk assessment could be completed and signed off in readiness for the site to be taken over and residents started to move in thereby fulfilled the housing associations duties and compliance with the CQC.

The client was delighted with the flexibility and commitment of IWS Water Hygiene to ensure that the home was available for the new residents and that they would not have to find them short term alternative accommodation.  Not to mention the savings on the costs.

It, therefore, no surprise that the client asked IWS Water Hygiene to provide costs and specifications for their ongoing Legionella control at all of their properties as we had shown that not only can we provide a much swifter and more accommodating service but we have also managed to reduce their costs.

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